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While you’re on our site, take a look at some of the great items we have in stock. Our convenient Gift Shop is proud to offer a unique choice of products. If you can’t see what you need, simply get in touch with us by email. Many of our products are one of a kind hand quantities may be limited. We offer a wide variety and will continue to add fresh products regularly.



We are small...but that's good! We will give each order individual attention. We will strive to ship your product quickly! 
We want to hear from you as to what you would like to see us carry.
If we can, we will!


For those of you that have visited our White Oak shop before the Pandemic hit, we want to mention a few items that we are not currently carrying. You may find these items that have been a staple for us at the locations below. 

Amish Jellies, Jams, Popcorn, Salsa, 

Beets and The Big Barn in Perryopolis PA

Faithfull Calligraphy prints at

Gift Wrapped
Products: Products
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